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Hey there!

My name is Daniel, I’m a lead software engineer with experience in every part of a software project. From databases and backends over multi-platform mobile, desktop and web apps to owning products, interviewing customers and team management. Please visit my LinkedIn for details.

Professional developer at day and hobby tinkerer at night, I have experience with building custom hardware, including electronics, circuit-board and CAD-Design, 3D printing, microcontroller development and more. I have shown some projects, like VR-PinCade, to larger audiences at Meetups and Maker-fairs with an overwhelmingly positive response.

If I’m not developing or “making” things, I love spending my time on long hikes, especially in the mountains.

Current & Past Experiences


FARO Flatness Check

Just a year after joining FARO, I had the opportunity to work with an awesome team of skilled people on a completely new product, that uses XR technology to greatly simplify workflows on construction sites.…

present4D – VR-Suite

From 2014 to 2021 I worked for the XR/VR startup present4D as a leading software engineer and XR/VR specialist. We developed an easy-to-use authoring tool for  presentations and e-learning in XR.


Together with MackMedia GmbH & CO. KG I developed the initial version of their Coastiality App for Android, iOS and GearVR.

More Projects


DIY Motion Simulator

I built myself a 2 DOF Motion Simulator with additional vibration feedback for racing games in Virtual Reality.

Game Shrinker

Playstation Vita Homebrew for minimizing the size of games stored on a Playstation Vita Memory Card.

2012 I started to write my German virtual reality blog: