A DIY project, with the target to build an Eye-Animatronic.

The skin (visuals, behavior and sounds) are customizable via XML, the video shows a skin based on Wheatley from Portal 2.

By default It’s in Idle mode where he looks around and plays random sounds form an idle sound pool. A camera is used to detect and track faces. it follows detected faces and plays random sounds from an “human interaction”-sound pool.

Two servos and a self designed and printed mounting mechanism for a ball head, allow the display to rotate on 2 axes.

Future plans include reaction to sound, voice and gestures.

Uses my Open Source Natural Eye Behavior Simulator for natural looking eye movements.

Hardware Used:

  • Gakken World Eye
  • Raspberry Pi3
  • Camera, Servos, Custom Cables

[Work in Progress] More Details and Source will be released in the future.


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