A fully functional 0.5m² Gameboy (-Color) Screen that I built for our Silvester Party 2019/2020

Project Features

  • Gameboy & Gameboy Color Support (based on Gearboy Emulator)
  • LED Matrix Renderer Implementation for Raspberry Pis with a LED-Matrix Shield (Using rpi-rgb-led-matrix library)
  • Smart downscale algorithim (180 * 144 Gameboy to 128 * 128 Panel resolution, without loosing too many details or sharpness)
  • Simple Rom Browser (“Sromb”) allows to fully control the setup with a controller
  • Demo / Attraction Mode or “Party Mode” which starts a random Rom when no one is playing and automatically exits it after the intro
  • Self designed 3D printed panel connectors so that no mounting rack is rquired to mount the panels
  • Self designed 3D printed PSU Cover and speaker case


  • 4x 256 * 256mm p4 64 * 64 Pixel RGB Matrix Displays
  • Raspberry Pi 4
  • 20A 5V Power Supply
  • DIY USB Speaker
  • Wireless SNES Gamepad


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